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as long as you jump the ride

2 January 1989
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first of all, I love new friends, so if we have anything remotely in common, feel very free to add me (and leave a comment at the friends only post of course, so I can add you back). however, I feel very strongly about getting to know my flist, so if you’re not planning to comment on a regular basis, never mind the add.


emma, girl, 18, the netherlands, music/concert junkie, movies, tv, sweet, funny, lazy, sometimes selfish, outgoing (most of the time), at the same time shy


tv grey's anatomy, house, desperate housewives, the oc, scrubs, gilmore girls, veronica mars, arrested development, friends, ally mcbeal, sex and the city, the office us, laguna beach, one tree hill, the hills shipping addison/alex, cristina/burke, addison/petetaylor/ryan, summer/seth, veronica/logan, veronica/piz, house/cuddy, bree/orson, lorelai/christopher, rory/loganmusic jason mraz, the killers, the fratellis, paolo nutini, kat flint, ryan adams, rufus wainwright, damien rice, ben folds (five), the beatles, the cardigans, brandi carlile, missy higgins, stereophonics, sam phillips, snow patrol, neko cade, keane, rachel yamagata, midlake actors kate walsh, julianne moore, marcia cross, nicole kidman, felicity huffman, sandra oh, jennifer aniston, kate hudson, hugh grant, rachel mcadams, ryan gosling, diane lane, adam brody, rachel bilson, hugh laurie, lisa edelstein
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